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Cancer Prevention and Myth:

Meat and Cancer Hypothesis - Fact & Fiction

You may have heard the Cancer Project's claim that processed meats cause cancer. But did you know that the Cancer Project is funded and operated by a vegan, animal rights group? And that the Cancer Project's claims are not supported by science?

FACT: The alleged link between processed meats and cancer is not supported by the full body of scientific research.

The Cancer Project cites a controversial and inconclusive report by the World Cancer Research Fund as representing "consensus" when it has been widely challenged by scientists. Studies showing no connection between processed meats and cancer were not included in the WCRF report cited by the Cancer Project. Numerous studies and experts show that processed meats are safe and nutritious and that nitrite in meats is safe and has health benefits.

FACT: The Cancer Project is a Vegan, Animal Rights Group

The Cancer Project is funded and operated by the animal rights group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a vegan, animal rights group whose views are closely aligned with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The widely respected American Medical Association has called PCRM's past dietary recommendations "irresponsible and potentially dangerous."  The Cancer Project ad campaign is factually inaccurate and is aimed at scaring parents and school systems out of feeding children processed meats.

FACT: Harvard Data Showing No Relationship Between Meat and Colon Cancer Not Considered

One of the largest studies ever done on red meat and colon cancer - a 2004 Harvard School of Public Health analysis involving over 725,000 men and women and presented at the 2004 American Association for Cancer Research Conference - showed no relationship between meat and colon cancer. Yet the pooling analysis used in this study, "Meat and fat intake and colorectal cancer risk: A pooled analysis of 14 prospective studies" was not factored into WCRF's 2007 report. 

This federally funded data shows that red meat and processed meat are not associated with colon cancer and uses what is considered perhaps the most reliable approach to analyzing relationships: pooling original data together and analyzing it.

FACT: Check with a Credible Doctor, Not an Animal Rights Group, about The Cancer Project's Meat/Cancer Allegations

The causes of cancer are extremely complex. Just as consumers need to eat a healthy, balanced diet, they need balanced information. When it comes to cancer, check with credible health sources like your doctor, dietician or the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. You can be assured that they will tell you that a healthy diet can include processed meats.

Read the studies about meat and nutrition that PCRM/The Cancer Project chose to ignore.

Read what doctors, nutritionists and scientists are saying.

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